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Our Purpose

The Well Minded Charity Run started back in 2021, and exists to fight the stigma associated with mental health. This is a topic that continues to affect millions of people across the globe, and can have life-changing impacts.

To do our part, we decided to start this run to build awareness, as well as raise money for this valuable cause. Over the last 3 years, we have raised nearly $100,000 with all contributions going to the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region. 

Join us again this year, as we host the 2024 Well Minded Charity Run on September 7th, and seek to push back on this stigma 'one step at a time'.

2024 Well Minded Charity Run
2024 Well Minded Charity Run
This charity event is intended to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with seeking treatment for mental health. We hope this will be an unforgettable event that raises funds for a great cause. Please show your support by donating to the Canadian Mental Health Association below.
Sep 07, 2024, 10:00 a.m. MDT
Prince's Island, Calgary, AB, Canada
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  My Motivation 

On May 19 2018, I received a phone call that no one should ever have to receive. It was to inform me that my older brother Greg had taken his life. He had struggled with mental health and addiction for the majority of his teenage and adult life. He decided his recent struggles were too much to bear and wanted the pain to finally stop. One phone call and things would never be the same. A flood of guilt and hopelessness washed over me. How could this have happened? What could I have done? My world felt like it was spinning out of control.


Little did I know, it was just the beginning.


A year and a half later (Nov 3rd 2019), the unthinkable happened. I received another phone call telling me that my oldest brother, Chris, had taken his life. He ingested a medical substance that stopped his heart. He left behind two beautiful boys and a wonderful life in Toronto. I refused to believe it. Nothing made sense. He didn’t have the same struggles as Greg and he witnessed the pain that his death had caused. I came to realize his sadness was silent and I would never fully understand his internal struggles. The void inside of me felt like it could never be filled. So much loss and so much pain in such a short time. I could feel the scars being etched into my heart. My brothers were gone and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew these feelings and moments would forever change my life.


My nephews (Jack and Riley), my younger sister Katy and my parents (Bob and Linda) live on with heavy hearts. The story of Greg and Chris unfortunately doesn’t have a happy ending, but I hope drawing attention to the topic of mental health and providing financial support through this charity, we can help change the fate of others. 


I hope sharing my story will encourage others to do the same. I have always had a difficult time discussing my feelings and being vulnerable. I hope someone else, who is like me, reads this and realizes that its okay to open up and discuss your internal struggles. The stigma that we’ve created around mental health serves as a barrier for people who need professional help, and it can have deadly consequences if it isn't' treated. Please join me in pushing back on this stigma “one step at a time”.

Making a difference

Your support can continue to make a real difference in the lives of those people who have been affected by a mental health. Join us on this journey by donating, or participating in the 2023 Well Minded Charity Run.

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